Career Pathways – Natural Resources & Environmental Services

Natural Resources & Environmental Services

Program Overview

Courses in this Career Pathway expose students to the variety of diverse jobs that are available in the fields of natural resource management and environmental technology.

Classes Offered 2019-2020

Aquaponics - (Prerequisite:  Life Science or Biology) STEM course providing hands-on exploration of the principles and practical applications of Aquaponics. 

Environmental Science Topics - (Prerequisite:  Natural Resources Land Use, and consent of instructor) Students work independently to research careers and certification possibilities that abound in the environmental science world.

Possible Careers

  • Fisheries Technician
  • Wastewater Treatment Specialist
  • Environmental Technician
  • Fish and Wildlife Manager
  • Forest Service or BLM Specialist
  • Fish Biologist
  • Rangeland Specialist
  • Restoration Specialist
  • Outdoor Recreation Specialist
  • Forester


High School Students will be required to get 2.5 credits from one specific pathway plus .0 from another pathway of their choice.


Required Classes:  2.5 credits from the following: 

  • Aquaponics:  1.0
  • Intro to Agriculture:  1.0
  • Plant Science:  0.5
  • Greenhouse Management:  0.5
  • Environmental Science Topics:  1.0

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