Heavy Equipment Operator Training – Comprehensive Course


This Comprehensive Course is for beginner or experienced operators who want to enroll in a comprehensive training course on heavy construction equipment such as Graders, Dozers, Excavators, Wheel Loaders and more. BTI utilizes state-of-the-art CAT Simulators, combined with seat time on equipment in the field, to give students the most effective training experience possible. Simulators allow new operators to train on machine operation, gain application knowledge and develop skills in a controlled and safe environment. Simulator training will allow experienced operators to refine skills, break bad habits and address progress through the virtual training exercises. Hours on real equipment will be at BTI’s land lab or at job sites to be determined. Students will work side by side with our instructors refining what was learned on the simulators. In addition to operation, participants will learn safety and preventative maintenance through exercises such as detailed machine walk-around.

Come and learn the trade of heavy equipment operation with proven, effective, training methods. These methods combine high-tech CAT Simulators with time on real equipment in the field. BTI’s industry-trained instructors have decades of experience in operating heavy equipment and can guide students through the course and share their knowledge through years of experience.

Upon completion of the course, operators will receive a certificate that shows the level achieved by equipment type according to the scale below.

Course Length: Approximately 260 hours

Dates and Times: July 6 - August 14  |  Monday-Friday 8am-5pm


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Level 1 Operator:

  • Operator has exhibited knowledge of basic functions and identification of equipment.
  • Good working knowledge of machine walk-around and related safety and preventative maintenance measures.
  • Control familiarization for machine has been achieved.
  • Operator has learned proper start up and shut down procedures.
  • Operator can perform basic tasks on machine.
  • Operator still considered a beginner and would require oversight and additional operating time to become proficient.

Level 2 Operator

  • Operator has met all Level 1 requirements.
  • Operator can perform more advanced construction related tasks on machine.
  • Operator is able to perform tasks effectively however continues to require some oversight and additional operating time to become fully independent.

Level 3 Operator

  • Operator is at a level of being fully independent on machine and is able to perform advanced level tasks in an efficient manner.

Course Length: Approximately 260 hours

Dates and Times: TBD