The Agricultural Pathway corresponds to numerous certificate programs and high demand career skills.

Certificate Programs: (one-year)
Agricultural Production-Livestock: Beef Production
Agricultural Production-Crops: Pest Management

Program Overview

This program is designed to instruct students about crop production, livestock management, soil and water conservation and various other aspects of agriculture. Agriculture education includes instruction in food education, such as nutrition and improves the quality of life for all people by helping farmers increase production, conserve natural resources and provide nutritious foods. Classroom curriculum and laboratory exercises provide students with a foundation of knowledge in agricultural practices, preparing them for careers in food, fiber and natural resource industries.


High School Students will be required to get 2.5 credits from one specific pathway plus .5 from another pathway of their choice.

Class Credits Required:

  • Intro to Agriculture

1.5 Credits from the following:

  • Agriculture Leadership 0.5
  • Agricultural Mechanics 0.5
  • Animal Science 0.5
  • Plant Science 0.5
  • Basic Welding 0.5
  • Advanced Welding 0.5

Possible Careers

  • Commodity Trader
  • Agricultural Production Specialist
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Extension Educator
  • Farmer
  • Rancher
  • Environmental Educator
  • Forester
  • Land Management Specialist
  • Water Quality Specialist