The Welding and Metal Technology Pathway corresponds to numerous certificate programs and high demand career skills.

Certificate Programs: (one-year)

Program Overview

BTI Welding School provides a comprehensive 12 week course Fall and Spring.  Students will develop entry-level workforce skills for arc welding certification in accordance with the American Welding Society D1.1 Structural Code.  Learn technical principles of arc welding, welding safety, arc welding power sources, electrode classifications and selection.  Develop a professional work ethic while learning to perfect quality welds with each process in multiple positions.


Students will be required to test in accordance with the American Welding society D1.1 Structural Code.

Possible Careers

The influence of welding is so broad that many of the product designs and building techniques people take for granted would not be possible without it. With demand for skilled welders rising and the technology of welding becoming more advanced, especially where automation is concerned, students have a unique opportunity to learn a career that can be shaped around their interests.