For the Love of Cooking

Thursday Night Cooking Classes Now Being Offered at BTI Culinary by Local Chefs and Patissier

*Each class includes taste testing equivalent to a small meal (with an exception in Pie Making and Macarons)

Thursday nights in January and February (except 3rd Thursdays) from 5:30-8:30pm

LOCATION:  Classes to be held at BTI Culinary- North Baker School

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January 4th   Basic Knife Skills               

Chef Kristen Anderson                   Cost: $40

Great first class to take as a precursor for all other scheduled classes. Learn how to dice, mince, julienne, chiffenod, Etc.

January 11th             Soups, Stocks, and Quick Breads                    

Chef Ann Bryan                 Cost: $40

Learn how to make a basic chicken and vegetable stock. Incorporate these into a creamy mushroom soup with chicken and a hearty minestrone. Class participates will also learn to make “fluffy” biscuits.

January 25th             Pie Making  

Patissier Jennifer Mowe                Cost: $50(price includes a full pie to take home)

Learn the art of pie making during one of our hands-on classes. Classes feature how to make flaky pie crust, proper rolling techniques, panning and fluting. Learn tips and tricks on how to make fillings, crumb tops, and more. At the end of class, you will take home a pie to bake, recipe cards, and the inspiration to bake more pie!

February 1st             Macarons    

Patissier Jennifer Mowe                Cost: $40

Macarons: those delectable light-mini-meringues of French descent. Involve a series of sophisticated techniques that can take time and practice to perfect. They are notoriously finicky…even for pastry chefs! This class is designed to help you succeed in mastering the macaron. You’ll learn every part of the process with step-by-step in instructions and information on the science of macarons. We will also provide recipes for various shell flavors and colors so you can apply the skills you’ve acquired to making macarons again and again.

February 8th                 Get Saucy                         

Chef Jessica Dalton          Cost: $40

Learn to make sauces that you used to think only professionals could and turn any meal into a 5-star experience.

February 22nd          Simple Tapas          

Chef Kristen Anderson                   Cost: $40

Learn how to make a couple of spreads, bake crackers, seasoned nuts, and roasted red peppers for appetizers or a light dinner.

To Register for one or more classes CLICK HERE