Heavy Equipment Operator Training – Comprehensive Course


Heavy Equipment Operator Training- Comprehensive Course is for beginner or experienced operators who want to enroll in a comprehensive training course on Graders, Dozers, Excavators, and Wheel Loaders. Duration of this course is approximately 3 months. BTI utilizes state-of-the-art CAT Simulators combined with seat time on real equipment to give cutting edge education. Simulators allow new operators to train on machine operation, gain application knowledge, and develop skills in a controlled and safe environment; while allowing experienced operators to refine skills, break bad habits, and address progress through the virtual training exercises. Hours on real equipment will be at BTI’s land lab or at job sites working side by side with our instructors, refining what was learned on the simulators.

Come learn the trade of heavy equipment operation with the proven, effective, training method of combining high-tech CAT Simulators with time on real equipment in the field. BTI’s industry-trained instructors have decades of experience in operating heavy equipment and can guide students through the course and share their years of experience.

Upon completion of the course, operators will receive a certificate that shows their current level of proficiency according to the scale below.

Level of Proficiency Scale-

Beginner:  The individual is just starting to explore this skill
Familiar:  The individual has basic knowledge of this skill and has room to learn more.
Proficient:  The individual is comfortable using this skill in routine ways.
Expert:  The individual is ahead of the pack, and is fluent in this skill and its latest developments.
Master:  The individual is a pro, and knows this skill inside and out.


Course Length:   3 months (220 hours)

Dates and Times:   Fall Course

  • September 17-December 19   5:00-9:00 pm  (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays)


Baker Technical Institute- 2500 E St., Baker City, OR (BTI entrance is on backside of building off of 9th and G Streets)

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