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BTI Approved to Start Electrical Apprenticeship Program

September 12, 2019

BTI receives state approval on new journeyman electrician apprenticeship program

Meeting the regional demand for electricians is at the center of the program created through an innovative public/private partnership.

BAKER, Ore. – In an effort to assist industry in Eastern Oregon to fill much needed open positions for electricians, Baker Technical Institute (BTI) is launching a journeyman plant electrician apprenticeship program.

The BTI program was approved on September 5th by the Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council, an eight member group appointed by the Governor and chaired by the commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industry. A core requirement of a journeyman electrician program is to have an oversight committee that consists of journeyman electricians and industry representatives.  The program also requires industry partners to offer on the job training opportunities to students to be able to meet their 8,000 hour requirement. Both Ash Grove Cement Company and Marvin Wood Products, along with local electricians, stepped up and partnered with BTI to make this all possible.  “ I know this program will pay off in big dividends for us in the manufacturing industry and for the community for years to come.

Besides filling a need in the market for electricians, this program will provide Marvin Wood Products employees with new opportunities for the growth and advancement.  We are pleased and excited the State has approved the Electrical Apprenticeship Program at BTI and are proud to be a part of it. We look forward to the collaboration with BTI to see this program succeed and fill a need in this area.”, says Sandi Fuller, Human Resources Manager at Marvin Wood Products. Students in the apprenticeship program will attend class one night per week at BTI and work onsite with a journeyman electrician when not in class.  Students will need to complete 576 hours of classroom work and 8,000 hours of on the job training to complete the program. BTI plans to begin classes in January.

“Training like this is the key to ensuring that Eastern Oregon has an opportunity to be a  thriving region, now and in the future,” said Doug Dalton, President of Baker Technical Institute. “By implementing collaborative programs that address the workforce training needs of rural businesses with innovative solutions, we not only create economic stability but a sustainable future for rural Oregon. Students in this program will earn good wages while completing their training, graduate with no education related debt, and be employable in a high-demand high-wage career.”