Classes Offered

Introduction to Agriculture

Students will learn about soils, crops and weeds, Ag leadership and public speaking.

Animal Science

Science-based curriculum around animal sciences and related career options.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Agriculture

Veterinary Science

Prepare students for post-secondary education and/or a career in the field of veterinary medicine.

Ag Production in a Modern World

Business and financial management, marketing and market investments.

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Agriculture and one additional Agriculture class

Ag Management 1,2,3

Students will develop effective business and leadership qualities and attributes.

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Agriculture and consent of instructor

Plant Science

Intro to plants, soil science, pest and weed control, plant care and maintenance.

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Agriculture

Greenhouse Management

Hand-on activities with plants and soil learning the concepts of plant growth.

Prerequisite:  Plant Science

Food Science

Students will study food safety, chemistry, processing, marketing and development through hand-on activities and laboratories.

Ag Leadership

For students interested in developing leadership skills necessary to be successful in the Ag industry.

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor


STEM course providing a hands-on exploration of aquaponics.

Prerequisite: Life Science or Biology


High School Students will be required to get 2.5 credits from one specific pathway plus .5 from another pathway of their choice.

Class Credits Required:

  • Intro to Agriculture:  1.0

1.5 Credits from the following:

  • Animal Science:  1.0
  • Veterinary Science: 1.0
  • Intro to Arc Welding:  0.5
  • Greenhouse Management:  0.5
  • Greenhouse Management Lab Tech: 1.0
  • Ag Management:  1.0
  • Plant Science:  0.5
  • Ag Leadership:  1.0
  • Ag Work Experience:  1.0
  • Aquaponics:  1.0
  • Ag Business:  0.5
  • Ag Production and Emerging Technologies:  0.5

Agriculture courses are designed to instruct students about crop production, livestock management, soil and water conservation and various other aspects of agriculture.

Career Possibilities:

• Commodity Trader • Agricultural Production Specialist • Purchasing Manager • Extension Educator • Farmer • Rancher • Environmental Educator • Forester • Land Management Specialist • Water Quality Specialist

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