Nursing Assistant 1

BTI's Nursing Assistant Certification Training is an Oregon State Board of Nursing approved program that teaches and prepares students to take the Nursing Assistant Certification Test to become a CNA. Our instructors are Registered Nurses with many years of experience both in the field and teaching this course.

Certifications available through this course:

Upon successful completion of this course and having met all requirements, students earn:

  • BTI Certificate of Completion

Upon passing the Oregon State Board of Nursing exam, students earn:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant

Course Details


The BTI Nursing Assistant Education Program is a 155-hour course fulfilling the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) requirements for nursing assistant training and grants certificate of completion.  This course combines knowledge learning with lecture and skills lab (a minimum of 80 hours), and hands-on clinical experience (a minimum of 75 hours).

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