Accident Investigation

In this course we will discuss accident investigation policies and procedures, personal injuries, first aid injuries, near misses, property damage forms, authorized investigators, investigative techniques, OSHA reporting requirements, and more.

Upon successful completion of this course and having met all requirements, students earn:

  • Certificate of Completion

This program is focused to show accident investigations serve multiple purposes and are a vital part of any loss control program. The major reason to investigate is to determine the cause of the accident and implement corrective actions or preventative measures that may prevent similar accidents in the future. The conclusions of a detailed investigation report should allow your company to implement effective measures to eliminate or greatly minimize the hazards associated with the event and keep it from occurring again.

Where possible, virtual reality (VR) camera data is included in this course to practice documenting/recording a (fake) scene.

Course Details

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who might need to document a scene or process the information.

Length of Course

Awareness: 30 minutes
Formal: 4 hours

Frequency of Training

Awareness: Annually
Formal: Every 3 years

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