Environmental: Oil Spills Response & Clean-up

This information is based on a defensive response to situations that may arise in your workplace and the steps you can safely take to quickly respond to the release of a chemical.  Where possible, virtual reality (VR) camera data is included in this course to practice spill response.  Depending on course timing, students can practice deployment of VR cameras to document a site.

Upon successful completion of this course and having met all requirements, students earn:

  • Certificate of Completion

Course Details

Course Description

In this course we will discuss how the employees should respond to oil spills in the workplace, and specifically petroleum products used in the utility industry. Employees must have a basic knowledge of what to do when encountering an oil spill. This course will focus on the recognition of hazards associated with accidental releases and the initial steps to be taken to mitigate the release of the material and to assist in the protection of people, the environment and facilities.  The course aims to teach and/or refresh students on the level of response to spills of hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who might need to respond to a spill, or who is involved in the response process.

Frequency of Training

Awareness: Annually, refreshers required per regulation

Length of Course

Awareness: 1 hr
Formal: 4-6 hours

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